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Boats In The Beck, Staithes

This painting is of a fishing Coble at low tide, in the beck at Staithes, on a glorious sunny April morning.



Cobalt Blue                       Burnt Sienna            

Cerulean Blue                   Cadmium Red

Ultramarine Blue               Cobalt Violet

Raw Sienna                      Permanent Magenta


Step One:

The subject was drawn out on Arches 'Not' paper with a 2b pencil.

To enable soft washes to be placed over the whole painting surface, all the 'lights' were masked out with Masking Fluid.


Step Two:

Colour pools were mixed in the following colours:

Raw Sienna,           Cobalt Blue & Permanent Magenta

Cobalt Blue,            Raw Sienna & Permanent Magenta

Cobalt Violet           Burnt Sienna & Raw Sienna

These washes were applied to the pre-wetted paper, allowing the colours to diffuse naturally.

After the paper had dried completely, the Masking Fluid was removed, using a clean dry finger.


Step Three:

The distant beach was developed further to add texture & strengthen the shadows using the following mixes:

Cobalt Blue & Permanent Magenta

Permanent Magenta & Raw Sienna



The pure white paper in this area was tinted where necessary with the following:

Raw Sienna

Cobalt Violet

Cerulean Blue


The boats were developed using the following mixes:

Cobalt Blue              Ultramarine Blue

Cerulean Blue          Burnt Sienna

Raw Sienna





Step Four:

The foreground beach was then progressed using the same mixes as above.

Some were strengthened.

The final details & 'darks' were then added to all areas of the painting


Step Five:

The painting was completed by adding final touches & details to the boats, such as Mooring Ropes, Floats etc.


Boats in the Beck, Staithes


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